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About Me

Freezing a moment in time, that you will never get back is why I am a photographer.  I love creating magical photos that will always bring a smile to your face whenever you glance upon them.  A photo isn't just a snap shot, it is a memory that you will never forget. With the amazing natural light that the sky has given us, the beauty on this Earth that surrounds us and my creativity; I will bring to life the most amazing photographs for you.


When I was fourteen I picked up a camera and have always had one in my hand ever since.  I have always had a passion for taking pictures, it is who I am. 


My passion is to be able to capture beautiful moments of your pets, fur babies, scale babies, and feathery babies.  Our pets are only with us for such a short time and they truly leave the biggest impact on our hearts.  I want you to be able to have that beautiful memory forever!

I donate a lot of my time photographing rescue animals to capture their amazing souls to help them find their forever homes.  I donate a percentage of my photography sessions to my favorite rescue, Little Paws.


I will capture those special moments for you, and create magical photographs that will always bring you happiness.



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